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Frank Sinatra: a man and his music + Ella + Jobim

Frank Sinatra: a man and his music + Ella + Jobim

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Title: Frank Sinatra: a man and his music + Ella + Jobim
Author: Antonio Carlos Jobim
Director::::::: Michael Pfleghar
Author: Antonio Carlos Jobim | Michael Pfleghar | Antonio Carlos Jobim | Frank Sinatra | Ella Fitzgerald | Robert Scheerer | Carolyn Raskin | National Broadcasting Company - NBC | Sheldon Keller
Date: 1967-10-01
Table of contents:
00:00:00 00:03:27; Day in, day out
00:04:26 00:06:42; Get me to the church
00:06:48 00:09:16; What now, my love
00:09:45 00:13:32; Old man river
00:09:45 00:13:32; Old man river
00:13:41 00:14:16; All I need now is a girl
00:14:17 00:17:00; Oh, lonesome me
00:17:03 00:19:33; It's the wrong time
00:20:53 00:21:00; How high the moon
00:21:00 00:21:41; My beautifull baloon
00:21:41 00:21:54; Look out
00:22:17 00:22:50; Mother, lock your daughter up
00:23:16; Dont cry Joe
00:23:38; Choctaw Ridge
00:24:46 00:26:59; I think I'm going out of my head
00:27:15 00:28:05; Quiet Nights
00:28:18 00:30:22; Change partners
00:30:22 00:31:48; I concentrate on you
00:31:48 00:33:34; The girl from Ipanema
00:33:48; The song is you
00:34:00 00:35:47; They can't take that away from me
00:35:47; Savoy
00:38:34 00:40:01; Is it at long last love
00:40:14 00:43:30; Honey don't be that way
00:43:47 00:48:08; The lady is a tramp
00:48:28 00:51:41; Final
Abstract: Frank Sinatra interpreta para a platéia "Day in, day out", "Get me to the church", "What now, my love", "Old man river" e "All I need now is a girl". Ella Fitzgerald interpreta "Oh, lonesome me". Sinatra interpreta com ACJ "Quiet nights", "Change partners", "I concentrate on you", "The girl from Ipanema". Sinatra e Fitzgerald interpretam "They can't take that away from me", "It don't mean a thing", "That's life", "Angel eyes" e "The lady is a tramp".
Note: O roteiro do programa de TV encontra-se na série Pit.
Description: A fita contém duas gravações do mesmo programa, sendo a primeira com legendas. Os arranjos do programa foram orquestrados por Nelson Riddle.
Type: Programa de TV
"Day in, day out"
"Get me to the church"
"What now, my love"
"All I need now is a girl"
"Old man river"
"Oh, lonesome me"
"Quiet nights"
"Change partners"
"I concentrate on you"
"The girl from Ipanema"
"They can't take that away from me"
"It don't mean a thing"
"That's life"
"Angel eyes"
"The lady is a tramp"
RIDDLE, Nelson

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